Clothing Choices

• Be aware of sleeve length: full-length sleeves may be the best for you.
• White, beige or pastels are not the best colors. More saturated colors usually look better in your photography.
• A V-neck is a flattering neck-line. Paired with a darker solid jacket, it is a sure way to create the illusion of a longer, leaner you.
• Dress your whole body: The shirt can have color, but unless it is a dress, medium to dark pants or a dark-wash jean and dark shoes and stockings are best. Giant white athletic shoes take over a photo!
• Make sure to bring options.

The degree of formality or informality can be set by  your sleeve length. The best options for everyone (except perhaps for children) are long sleeves (unless you are an athletic woman or man with perfect arms), and solid, darker colors.

Most prints are a bad idea unless the print is very small and appears to be more texture than print. Any geometric pattern will draw attention away from your beautiful faces. Things such as Logos or “piping” along a seam or pocket line will also serve as a distraction. An exception to this guideline would be a small child on a lap.  Sometimes a bolder color or a bold print will help your child have a bigger presence in the image.

Jewelry is tricky. If your jewelry is special, that is you want it part of the image because of sentimental associations, wear it. Usually a necklace draws attention away from your eyes, and I like the sparkle to be in your eyes and smile. Earrings on a business woman who has short hair however is almost a must. Always bring options.